Making my European Mount  

Posted by Aaron

On the very last day of the season, I was lucky enough to shoot a buck! I don't have any pictures right now, but my friend has some I'll put on as soon as I can.
After skinning and butchering the deer, I was stuck with what to do with the antlers, and I decided to make my own European mount. It didn't look that hard, so in about 2 days I did it. Here are some pictures of the process. Here's the head right before the process...
Just starting to boil.
After about an hour and a half.
Sarah was excited for some brain stew!!!
At about 5 hours the skin started to kind of fall off.

After that it was a matter of scraping off skin, cleaning out brains
and other tissue, and then boiling for another couple hours.

These three were before I soaked it in Hydrogen Peroxide,
to make it whiter and clean off any last tag alongs.
And here is the finished product!
Now I will mount it on a plaque and post pics of that later:)

New toy :)  

Posted by Aaron

Ahhh!!!! It always happens, I go to gun shows and leave disappointed never having the money to buy all the cool things I see. Well not today! After church I ran down to the fairgrounds just to check it out, and a nifty little .45 followed me home! "Honest mom, it just looked so lonely, I couldn't just send it away!" Anyways its a Star Firestorm M45, which is modeled like a 1911, though a little smaller. I shot one before, but it was in .40SW, and I love 1911s so I had to buy it! And at $295, it was a darn good deal. I got my mom to sign all the legal stuff promising her she could shoot it sometimes... It came with a standard 6 round clip and two 8 round extended clips. With a nickle finish, this heavy little gun is real pretty.