My new favorite sport  

Posted by Aaron

My entire upper body is sore, very sore. Especially my forearms. Ouch... But its all worth it. I have a new favorite sport, a sport that gives me exercise, fun and a huge rush. Snake chucking! Just kidding, rock climbing. It is amazing. Today I spent all afternoon climbing indoors at Crux Climbing Walls, an amazing indoor climbing place in downtown Eugene. My friends Dylan, Daniel and my sister Grace and I had alot of fun. Then, Dylan, Grace and I were walking up towards Skinner Butte, when my friends Dustin and Lisa Smith drove by on their way to the Skinner Butte Columns. So, I went for my first outdoor climb, and all I can say is, I'm still shaking from the excitement! I climbed a fairly hard one, it was about 60 feet. I cannot wait to buy some gear so I can do it more often, like every week. I learned how to belay, next I'll try lead climbing...
I didn't have my camera, but I found these pictures of the Columns online...

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I've seen people climbing here as I've driven by before. Looks like fun but please be careful! I would definitely want to be roped in while climbing. Take care.

Uncle Dave

October 26, 2009 at 10:17 AM

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