Opening day of deer season  

Posted by Aaron

I just got back from a weekend of looking for the big buck of the Southern Oregon woods, but he is safe for now. Tyler and I left on Friday and hunted all day Saturday and some of Sunday. It was fun, and we saw near around 40 does, but not a single male deer... besides the scads of fawns we saw. We stayed at Tyler's friend Mitch's ranch, a sprawling 2,000 acre land of magical wonder for a guy who likes guns, machinery and wide open space. When we got there on Friday night we were informed by Mitch we were going to try to catch some poachers who cut the locks on his gates and shot some deer. We waited till all hours of the night armed and ready, but to no avail... they didn't show. We saw several herds of elk every day, so that might be a fine place to go come elk season. For now we'll just hunt around here, but maybe later we will go back. I am very jealous of his ranch, and his gun collection which includes several very nice pieces, such as an M1 Garand, M14, FN Fal paratrooper model, 1895 Winchester in 30-40 Krag, a Krag, and a whole bunch more... I could have spent weeks there shooting all his guns. Maybe next time I'll get pictures.

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Well I guess that is why they call it hunting. I almost bought a rifle tag on Friday but alas, I am the only one in this family who has even the slightest interest in hunting and eating wild game. I'll bet I'd have to eat the who thing if I shot one. Oh well, hopefully you have at least one more weekend or so to score.

October 4, 2009 at 7:38 PM

Glad to hear someone in our family besides your Uncle Mark is hunting these days. I can't even seem to get any fishing done either although Annalie keeps asking me about both. Someday I hope!! Hope you get something! Take care

Uncle Dave

October 13, 2009 at 4:52 PM

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