Running, food and hunting... In one post!  

Posted by Aaron

Oh man.... My calves are so sore. I started running seriously again today, hopefully keeping that up for a while. It was hard for me for a while, with the hospital and after effects, but now I am doing good. I am going to a food allergists to see exactly what foods I am allergic to. I already know I'm lactose intolerant, but it is suspected I am also gluten intolerant. That would mean I have to stay away from all wheat products, and most other processed foods. But the good news is, by eating like that, I will be eating better than most other people in America. Lots of meat, fruits, vegetables and lots of rice:) Which is good, cause I love rice.
On another note, I'm going to sight in my rifle tomorrow for deer hunting:) Yeah!!! So much fun. Hopefully I'll go on a bear hunt or two before that, maybe even getting one with my handgun. That would be sweet...

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