Marathon... and other workouts.  

Posted by Aaron

Well, got an email back from the people in charge of the marathon, and turns out, I get a 10% discount... Yeah. That puts it in the $90 range.. Ouch!
Yesterday I had a great run. I ran about 12 miles, up Hendrix hill and around. My legs felt dead the whole time until about 10 miles, when I got a second wind and fairly well sprinted the next 2 miles! It is amazing when that happens. I am getting ready for an all day concert this Friday, so I am working out my lungs for the tuba. Now that's a workout!

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Hey Aaron,
I'm no mathematician but it sounds like you got more like a 10% discount instead of 90%. Although something is better than nothing it's still not enough.

Uncle Dave

April 24, 2009 at 4:27 PM

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